About Us

The Pearl Pagoda, a specialty women's boutique known for its captivating range of easy-to-wear apparel and distinctive tabletop essentials, has quickly become a prominent destination for shoppers seeking a unique blend of fashion and home decor. Founded in the summer of 2020 during a time of limited shopping options, The Pearl Pagoda has swiftly transformed from an outdoor pop-up into a brick-and-mortar establishment located on Park Rd in Montford.
Positioned at 4424 Park Road, this newly established location offers a convenient shopping experience to the south of the Woodlawn Rd. and Park Rd. intersection, in close proximity to the Park Road Shopping Center. The boutique's innovative approach to shopping quickly captured the attention of women in South Charlotte, resulting in a dedicated and growing following.
At the heart of The Pearl Pagoda's offerings is a thoughtfully curated selection of global brands, complemented by the creative vision of Christina Murphy, the boutique's owner. Murphy's talent shines through in her original designs, many of which are exclusive to The Pearl Pagoda and a select group of exceptional retailers.