Meet Elyce Arons, co-founder of Frances Valentine

Hi, I'm Elyce

I grew up on a Kansas farm, the youngest of four daughters, with a passion for vintage clothes and fashion magazines. In college, I instantly bonded with Katy Brosnahan over a love for vintage shopping, practical jokes, and our dream of one day starting a business together.

Cut to 1993 and the launch of our NYC-based handbag company, Kate Spade. After 13 years of wild growth, we sold the company to Neiman Marcus, and took a wonderful 10 year hiatus to raise kids. In 2016 we dove back into the world of fashion with the introduction of Frances Valentine, a line of beautifully designed shoes and handbags that felt perfectly and quintessentially us.

Despite our tragic loss of Katy in 2018, her spirit inspires me daily. As our collection grows into new categories and evolves into a lifestyle brand, we stay rooted in the core aesthetic that bonded us and made us smile, year after year. Frances Valentine is a celebration of lasting friendship, personal confidence, and enduring American style, and I’m proud to lead a company dedicated to infusing life with more joy, soul, and beauty.

Built on Friendship

Back in 2016, co-founders (and best friends) Elyce Arons and Kate Spade launched Frances Valentine, following their wildly successful foray into fashion with the one-and-only Kate Spade. You can think of Frances Valentine as the next chapter in the journey—a continuation of the joy-sparking, vintage-inspired, legendary style for which our founders are known and loved.

At its core, Frances Valentine conveys the spirit of Arons and Spade, two best college friends who dreamed big and had the moxie to make their mark on the world of fashion. In fact, the name itself is an ode to love, heritage, and deep connection—a celebration of lasting friendship, personal confidence, and heart-fluttering nostalgia.

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